Lake Fork, Emory Texas

Lake Characteristics

Location: On the Sabine River in Hopkins, Rains and Wood Counties, 5 miles northwest of Quitman Surface area: 27,264 acres Maximum depth: 70 feet Impounded: 1980 Aquatic Vegetation Hydrilla, Eurasian milfoil, coontail, American lotus, water primrose, water hyacinth and pennywort. Predominant Fish Species Largemouth bass White & black crappie Channel catfish Sunfish Fishing Cover/Structure Flooded timber is found throughout Lake Fork and provides excellent fish habitat. Although access through the reservoir is provided by numerous buoyed boat lanes, submerged timber represents a substantial hazard, so care should be exercised while boating in all areas. Areas containing hydrilla, boat houses and docks, and lake points have historically provided some of the best fishing for largemouth bass.